New french intern !

Sébastien (with the red T-shirt and before the beautiful sunset of clearwater beach) is my new french intern. He’s assisting me during the next 3 months.  He worked in several real estate offices which also and developed homes in France. 



French interns visited west coast !

Jérome, (with the cowboy hat) is a french intern who’s helping me during 10 weeks on the Real Estate office. He went on one week trip with his five other friends, all french. They have visited Las Vegas, San Francisco and the Grand Canyon (picture). They said that it was a very good experience and they enjoyed to discover this part of the US.

International Peace Day

On 9/22/2013, Emma and Bam Exchange Students have painted on the window’s office for the International Peace Day. 
They came from Finland and Brazil
Thank them, this is a wonderful annual project by Rotary International !!